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History Of Palm Diary

The history of palm diary goes back to the time when it was simply used as personal organizer device.  If you review the early palm diary history, you will come to know that this device has grown from handhelds digital diaries to be used in smartphones, Windows based mobile and so on.

This review describes history of digital diary ranging from the first generation of Palm machines which were called as Pilot to the latest models which are being produced by the Palm Inc.

The history of palm diary begins when Palm Computing Inc in 1996 developed Pilot, which was the name of the first generation of personal digital assistants also known as digital diary.

The first two generations of palm diary were called as PalmPilots. However, because of a trademark violation lawsuit by the Pilot Pen Corporation, the handheld palm diary was named as Palm Connected Organizers or simple as Palms. It is also important to note that the term Palm pilots has entered the language as a synonym for PDAs, palm diary regardless of the brand.

In the history of palm diary, you will clearly find information about earlier versions of palm dairy. You will come to know that the earlier devices used to be very simple. There were no slots for memory, no infrared port, backlight, or flash memory. However, serial communications port was present in the versions of digital diary which falls under the category of devices produced during early Palm diary history. Moreover, the size of random access memory, RAM also used to be between128 kB and 512 kB. But later on with the technological advancements, in newer versions, it became possible to upgrade the memory up to 1 MB of internal RAM.

Going little further in the history of digital diary, the next couple of versions of palm diary operating system such as PalmPilot Personal and PalmPilot Professional had added features such as a backlight, but still there was no infrared port or flash memory. Well, this was history of palm diary, the present day modern PDAs which are commonly known as PDAs, personal digital assistants have both audio capabilities and color screens, thus works as web browser, mobile phone or portable media player. One of the most significant features of a modern day PDA is the touch screen which is very convenient to use.

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