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Palm Diary OS Application Development

Palm diary OS application development process majorly involves C and C++ programming languages. One of the applications known as Palm OS garnet application has been coded using C/C++ language itself. For the compilation purpose of the code being developed in C/C++ languages, there are two compilers which are officially supported. These are CodeWarrior Development Studio and prc-tools. Out of these two officially supported compliers used in palm diary OS applications development, CodeWarrior is a commercial product and prc-tools is an open source tool chain.

CodeWarrior is an expensive product and moreover it is no longer being developed. On the other hand, PRC-Tools does not have all the features which are there in the  CodeWarrior.

OnBoardC is another compiler which is also used in application development in Palm diary OS. It also acts as an assembler, linker and editor and runs on the Palm itself.

Along with various other palm diary OS applications development, its Cobalt applications are also programmed using various variation of gcc, however, there are some issues which arises when Cobalt compilers are used.

There are number of tools available for palm diary OS application development  process in which there is no need of writing code in C/C++, out of which the major ones are known as AppForge Crossfire , PocketC/PocketC Architect, Handheld Basic, Pendragon Forms, Satellite Forms and NSBasic/Palm. There was also a JVM which was available for Palm diary OS applications development, but it is no longer in use.

There are two environments which permit programming in Pascal language for application development in Palm diary OS. Another free tool which is also used for application development is known as LaFac and it runs directly on the Palm device, making use of Memo Pad for the purpose of editing of source code and offers support for a limited subset of C, Pascal, and Basic.

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