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What Is Palm Diary?


In this article we are going to discuss about what is palm diary. If you are interested in knowing more about palm diary, read on the complete article as it features comprehensive explanation of palm diary.

Palm operating system is basically a mobile operating system which was designed in the year 1996 by Palm Inc. Its primary application was to be used in the personal digital assistances or digital diaries, therefore referred to as palm diary sometimes.

There has been a very wide implementation of this operating system in variety of mobile devices such as smart phones, handheld gaming consoles, barcode readers wrist watches and even in GPS devices.

The main feature of Palm OS is that it was designed for ease of use because there is a touchscreen-based graphical user interface which is convenient to use. Moreover, there is a set providing all the basic applications which are required for personal information management. The info about palm diary’s later versions shows that there are additional functionalities which have been added in to the OS to support various smartphones. There are various other licensees which have made devices which are powered by Palm OS. It is important to note that sometimes palm OS is also known as a digital diary.

Here is some info on digital diary which will also help you learn more details about what is palm diary. The key functionalities and features of the latest Palm OS are such that it is simple to use and the single-tasking environment allows you to launch full screen applications with a basic, common Graphical users Interface set. Other updated features are about palm diary’s appearance as there are monochrome or color screens with high resolutions pixel cameras.

There are well defined standard data format which are really very helpful in managing personal information management applications, calendars, address, task accessible by third-party applications.

We hope that you find the above stated review of what is palm diary really useful.

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Know more about what is palm diary. Go through given details which will help you gain better understanding about palm diary, its features and functionalities.


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