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Palm Diary OS Third Party Applications


This article outlines important details regarding the Palm Diary OS third party applications.

Third party applications in palm diary OS were made available with the launch of Palm OS version 5.2. The customized versions of the common Personal Information Manger applications were launched by Palm with new added features such as support for Address categories, longer memo texts, and Ringtone associations to users etc. Another change which was made in the palm diary devices after the inclusion of third party applications in palm diary OS was that features were renamed to reflect designations from Microsoft Outlook, therefore what used to be Address earlier became Contacts and like wise Memo Pad became Memos, Datebook became Calendar and To do list became Tasks.

Blazer is one among the palm Diary OS third party applications which were included in to the core palm OS. It is basically a web browser which is used in Palm handhelds. With the versions such as 1.0 and 2.0 run on which runs on OS 3.1, there is a need to use a proxy server which is available no more. Thus, these versions are no more in use. The version 3.0 is used on the Treo 600 smartphone. The current version of Blazer which is known as Blazer 4.5 is compatible with most of the major standards. It is generally bundled with newer smartphones and newer Palm devices capable of accessing the Internet.

Another third party application of Palm Diary OS is called as Palm's Note Pad. Its main use is to do quick drawings.

Photos is also among the newer Palm Diary OS third party applications. This Third party application of Palm Diary OS is available in those versions of Palm handhelds which came after 2006. This feature is used to create digital photo album to view pictures on a Palm OS device.  Photos PC software which is compatible with Windows only can be used to edit photos. It is important to note that this third party application of Palm Diary OS is available in the Zire 71, Tungsten C, Tungsten E, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3 and several others.

When video support was added into this application, the Palm Photos were renamed to Media and then again to Pics & Videos.

Latest third party applications in palm diary OS which is available in some selected models of Palm diary is a feature which is used for voice recordings using the Voice conduit and can be later on seen on a desktop with the Voice Memo application, available as a part of the Palm Desktop Suite.

There are various successful Palm Diary OS third party applications which have been installed on a Palm OS device. The figure is really huge as because if we take in to account the data as of 2008, there are around 50,000 third-party applications which are available in the market to be installed on Palm OS platform,. These palm digital diary third party applications have different licensing types which also include open-source, and various closed licensing schemes like shareware, freeware and traditional pay-up-front purchase.

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