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Standard Palm Diary OS Applications

In this article, we are going to discuss about the standard palm diary OS applications. It is important to note that the licensees of Palm diary OS can decide which standard palm diary OS applications must be part of their Palm OS devices. In other words, licensees are free to customize the applications.

Here is another important note regarding applications in standard palm diary OS that the newer versions of digital diary or palm diary, the standard PIM (Personal Information Manager)applications such as Address, Date Book, Memo Pad and ToDos have been swapped with their advanced counterpart which have been named as Contacts, Calendar, Memos and Tasks.

Let us have a look at the following list of applications in standard palm digital diary OS:

Contacts: One of the standard palm diary OS applications is the Contacts app which have various features like multiple addresses, nine new fields, Birthday, Websites, increased number of phone numbers, Instant Messaging feature with fast connectivity.

Calc: Calculator is also one of the main applications in standard palm diary OS, which transforms this device into a standard four function regular calculator having three shades of purple and blue buttons contrasting with the two red clear buttons. The functions which are performed by this standard palm diary OS application are square root and percent keys. It also possess memory feature to display a running history of the calculations.

Date Book: This standard palm diary OS application represents a daily or weekly schedule, or just a monthly view. The newer Calendar app have following additional features Day view, use of categories for events, event location, event can span midnight, event details, birthdays as timeless events. The most notable feature is that there is an option to export the Palm datebook to the iCalendar format. It is possible because of the KDE program known as KPilot, under Linux.

Expense: It is a standard palm diary OS application which is used to keep a record of some regular business expenses. It is important to note that there are no totals being calculated on the Palm. In order to do so, the user need to sync with a host computer and can take a look at the expense data in a worksheet. The templates are supplied with the applications in standard palm diary OS and in this case, Microsoft Excel is supplied.

HotSync: It is used to join together the device to user's PC. Generally, this application in standard palm diary OS is made to work by a pressing a HotSync button which is present on the cradle of the palm diary.

Memo Pad: It is among the standard palm diary OS applications which are used to store notes of up to 4,000 characters each. In the newer versions of palm diary, the filed size have been improved to 30 kB fro mere 3KB. It is used for text only, not for drawings.

To do list: This standard palm diary OS application is used to create reminders and to prioritize the tasks which user has to do. There are some further features which might be included into this device and are named as priority, categories and attached Note.

Preferences: This standard palm diary OS application is also called as Prefs is used to view program files with a special preference panel type which can’t be viewed with normal launcher. Programs can be changed by switching the 'appl' type to 'panl' and vice versa.

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